PID 1675

About the Artist: Kiah Bellows

Kiah is a full time abstract landscape painter located in Greenville, SC. She was born out west and moved to Greenville at the age of 6. As both of her parents are artists from the west, the western landscape is ever present in her work, combined with the lush blues and greens she grew up immersed in on the east coast. After graduating from Gardner-Webb University with a Bachelor of Arts and concentrating in Painting and Printmaking, she moved back to Greenville, her hometown, to pursue her career as an artist. She spends her days in the studio chipping away at what she loves.

Artist Statement:
Inspired by life experiences, I create abstracted landscapes through subjective responses to color, striving for balance in the composition. I paint large format abstractions using acrylic, oil pastel and graphite on panel. When a composition or color palette from the natural world around me lends inspiration, I create a sketch. I study the composition, learning what is foreground vs. background, and what excites me. I then recreate it on a larger format.