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Featuring Erik Mizell | 3 Minutes

The team from Foster Victor Wealth Advisors is excited to bring a refreshing perspective to the financial planning discussion.

E1: Reflect – Analyze – Decide

Featuring Ben Newman | 27 Minutes

In this episode, we spend time with Ben Newman from Continued Fight discussing how you can evaluate what happened in 2019 and how to set yourself up for an unbelievable 2020.

E2: Defining your Ring Fence

Featuring Faith Zane & Rob Victor | 33 Minutes

We discuss the benefits of planning, and hash out some of the common reasons that the topic gets avoided.

E3: Cracking the Code on Charitable Giving

Featuring Gordon & Lindley Mayer Gulledge | 29 Minutes

Join us to learn more about how you can significantly impact your community as we get a chance to talk with Lindley Mayer Gulledge and her husband Gordon.
Lindley shares her inspiration for starting her own foundation at a very young age after learning that her siblings would face challenges due to their disabilities.
We discuss the importance of getting involved at any level, and also dive into a few financial planning tips that may help enhance your impact in your community.

Learn More:
Lindley’s Alliance
Meyer Center
Special Olympics
Hands on Greenville
Dabo Swinney’s All In Foundation
Shock Dance Studio

E4: Aging in Place – Part 1 of 2

Featuring Courtney Bohman | 30 Minutes

In Part One of this two-part series, Senior Helpers owner Courtney Bohman talks with Erik about the importance of knowing your loved ones’ wishes regarding care and understanding the options available.

Learn More:

Senior Helpers Greenville
Sr Ship It

E5: Aging in Place – Part 2 of 2

Featuring Courtney Bohman | 28 Minutes

In Part Two of this series, Courtney Bohman and Erik discuss the ways to pay for in-home care and things to consider when making a plan.

Learn More:

Senior Helpers Greenville
Sr Ship It

Special Episode: Market Update

Featuring Rand Baughman | 29 Minutes

We realize that many of you have questions and are searching for information to understand the current state of the market. Our Chief Investment Officer, Rand Baughman, joins Erik to discuss this in an unscheduled episode.

They discuss the current and past trends of the stock market, along with giving insight on possible reactions you may be considering.

Charts Referenced:

1-year Returns of Stocks Source: BlackRock

Rolling Returns of Stocks Source: BlackRock

Annual Returns and Intra-year Declines Source: JP Morgan

Bear Markets and Subsequent Bull Runs Source: JP Morgan

E6: Coaching for the Win

Featuring Jason Donnelly & Rob Victor | 37 Minutes

The next episode of the Fostering Financial Victories podcast features Furman University’s Athletic Director Jason Donnelly and Foster Victor Principal & Furman Soccer alum Rob Victor.  They discuss the value of having a coach to help push you to achieve your goals and improve your day to day performance with host Erik Mizell.

Learn More:

Jason Donnelly, Furman University Athletics Director

E8: Pay the Man

Featuring McCreight King & Tim Moxie | 38 Minutes

In this episode, Erik is joined by Wealth Coach McCreight King and CPA Tim Moxie of Upstate Professional CPA Services to dive into a discussion around the current landscape of taxes. They talk through recent changes in the tax code as it pertains to the passage of the SECURE Act, along with changes made in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Tim brings a wealth of knowledge that will be applicable to both the individual taxpayer and the small business owner.

Learn More:

Foster Victor Small Business Resources in Response to COVID-19

Coronavirus Tax Relief

Foster Victor SECURE Act Information

6 Things you should know about the SECURE Act

Tax Deadline Date Changes

Special Episode: CARES Act Stimulus Package

Featuring Rob Coleman & Chris Arthurs | 42 Minutes

In this unscheduled episode of Fostering Financial Victories, Erik is joined by CPA Chris Arthurs and Wealth Coach Rob Coleman to discuss the details surrounding the recent CARES Act that has been passed to provide relief related to the Coronavirus pandemic. They dive into the details on how this will provide help for both the Small Business Owner and the individual taxpayer.

Learn More:

Foster Victor Small Business Resources in Response to COVID-19

Coronavirus Tax Relief

Arthurs and Company CPA

E9: Real Estate? Tell me Mort-gage

Featuring Caleb LeGrand & Garrett Hyer | 37 Minutes

Erik is joined today by Greenville mortgage expert Caleb LeGrand and Wealth Coach Garrett Hyer to discuss some of the “must know topics” of real estate.  For most people, buying a home will be the single largest purchase you may ever make, so we want to be sure that you don’t walk into it blindly.  Caleb brings a wealth of knowledge about navigating mortgage decisions and helps make what can be an intimidating process a success.

Learn More:

The Caleb LeGrand Team

E10: Marriage & Money – Part 1

Featuring Stacy & Rand Baughman | 38 Minutes

This is the one you don’t want to miss.  Joined by Stacy and Rand Baughman, Erik brings up what could be the most controversial topic for married couples besides talking about religion or politics.  Today, we get insight from Stacy and Rand about tips they have found to be helpful in reaching common ground on how to manage household finances.  It doesn’t always have to end with someone being upset about “the talk.”

E11: Marriage & Money – Part 2

Featuring Frank & JoEllen De Luca | 29 Minutes

As a follow up to the last episode, Erik is joined by JoEllen & Frank DeLuca to continue the conversation on why money is so hard for couples to discuss. Today, we get insight from JoEllen & Frank about tips they have found helpful in over 30 years of marriage to establish common ground on how to manage household finances.

E12: I Got Bills, They’re Multiplying – Budgeting & Building Credit as a Young Professional

Featuring Shannon Dermody | 28 Minutes

In this episode, Erik is joined by Foster Victor’s Operations & Compliance Analyst Shannon Dermody to talk about learning to manage your money as you begin navigating the professional world. They discuss strategies to get your budget under control faster than greased lightning, how to plan for saving and building credit, and why all of this is important.

E13: If I Could Turn Back Time… What would I do differently?

Featuring Dr. Bill Craig | 34 Minutes

What do you wish you knew 35 years ago about managing your finances?

In today’s episode of Fostering Financial Victories, Erik is joined by retired Greenville physician Bill Craig to talk about what Bill would have done differently with his finances if he had had a crystal ball 35 years ago, how he handled planning for the future, and mistakes he’s made along the way.

E14: Halftime is Over

Featuring Paul Foster | 20 Minutes

What can you do to create momentum to finish the year out strong and achieve your 2020 goals? As a follow up to our very first episode featuring Ben Newman, FVWA Principal Paul Foster joins Erik to discuss staying positive about the opportunities still available this year.

E15: Business as Usual – What does that mean now?

Featuring Rob Victor & Josh Newton | 30 Minutes

In our latest episode, Erik is joined by Rob Victor and local business owner Josh Newton of Freedom Interiors, Inc to discuss the impact of the last several months on small businesses. Change can be hard, especially in a business setting. Josh & Rob talk about the need to be flexible and what they have learned from the business decisions they have made this year in a rapidly changing environment.

E16: Children are a Ble$$ing

Featuring Michelle & David Seaver | 38 Minutes

The latest episode of Fostering Financial Victories looks at how children can impact your financial plan.  Guests Michelle & David Seaver talk with Erik & McCreight about how they planned for new expenses and balanced short term spending with education planning.

E17: A New Season: Medicare Open Enrollment

Featuring Erica Rector | 28 Minutes

The change in seasons doesn’t just mean football, bonfires, and sweater weather. October 15th kicks off open enrollment for Medicare, which means if you need to make changes to your health insurance the next few months are very important. In our latest podcast episode, Erik is joined by Erica Rector of Farm Bureau Insurance to clarify the ins and outs of Medicare and discuss the details you need to know to successfully navigate the decision making process.

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